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We've made it posible for you to upload your own productions on BeatReq. Every submission first needs to be aproved by BeatReq before it will be released on our webiste. So it could take some time before your track will be online.

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We only allow full tracks on our website. No previews or snippets. Your MP3 must be 320kpbs and have a file size between 5MB and 40MB.

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This is where you place the information of the producer of the track, bootleg or mashup. Don't have a Facebook page, Twitter account or Youtube Channel? Just leave it blank.

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We need your e-mailaddress to keep you informed about the status of your submission. Don't want a direct download on our website? Link to your own download page.

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Here you'll find a preview of how your submission will look like on our website? Happy with the result? Confirm your upload and we'll review your submission as soon as posible.

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